Our services cover a wide range of non-surgical procedures meticulously designed for all clients. Whether you are seeking a boost in self-esteem or a refreshed look for a new chapter in your life, we are here to cater to all your beauty needs.


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Experience a new level of comfort and effectiveness by obtaining a prescription for semaglutide weight loss injections through an online consultation.


Most frequent questions and answers.

Advantages of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology:
  • rejuvenation, tightening, restoration of skin tone and elasticity;

  • getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles and other defects;

  • correction of the shape of the body and facial features.

All services of aesthetic cosmetology aimed at improving the appearance.

Currently, cosmetologists are able to turn back the clock. By regularly visiting the Beso Aesthetics Clinic, you can enjoy the youth of your face and body for a long time.

We provide all types of cosmetology services. We work on the best drugs that exist today, the effectiveness of which has been verified by personal experience. All drugs are officially registered and certified in the USA and purchased only from official representatives.

All aesthetic procedures, regardless of the method of execution, are aimed at caring for the skin of the face and body. Beso Aesthetics Clinic offers a wide range of services in modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, namely:

  • injection cosmetology;

  • hardware cosmetology procedures;

  • thread lifting.

The advantages of hardware cosmetology are known to many. And if you haven’t tried these skin care and body shaping methods yet, it’s time to evaluate their high effectiveness. Beso Aesthetics Clinic invites you to care procedures on the latest equipment.

Our department of hardware cosmetology in New York offers a wide range of services:

• Lifting of the face and body on laser and radio frequency devices.

• Body shaping with combined exposure to ultrasound and RF device.

• Treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation and other aesthetic problems.

• Facial rejuvenation procedures.

• Medical and aesthetic pressotherapy.

All of these treatments are clinically proven to deliver impressive results in a short amount of time.

Our department of hardware cosmetology in NY uses modern highly efficient equipment based on laser, ultrasound, radio frequency technologies. At the same time, all devices in Beso Aesthetics Clinic are absolutely safe to use, and the clinic staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience in using hardware cosmetology products.

We offer the best prices for hardware cosmetology in NY. The effectiveness of these rejuvenation and care methods is very high, and you only need a few treatments to achieve the desired effect. But the best thing about our work will tell reviews about hardware cosmetology in Beso Aesthetics Clinic, which are left by our clients.

“Beauty injections” have proven themselves as an effective technique for facial modeling. Often, such methods of restoring beauty are called non-surgical plastic: in New York, you can get a wide range of such procedures in our clinic.

What do we offer to maintain the beauty of our clients?

  • Facial mesotherapy

  • Biorevitalization

  • Botulinum therapy

  • Plasmolifting

  • Contour plastic

  • Bio-reinforcement of the face

Beauty injections in NY are your opportunity to maintain a blooming appearance, regardless of age.

Thread lifting is an effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique. Correction is carried out by inserting absorbable and non-absorbable revitalizing threads through a puncture on the skin using a special atraumatic cannula.

Threads are used to lift the face, neck, eyebrows, correct the shape of the nose with special revitalizing threads. The threads dissolve, but the effect remains.

Indications for threadlifting:

  • correction of ptosis and age-related changes in the face: elimination of nasolabial folds, lacrimal trough, mimic wrinkles, jowls

  • double chin and neck lift

  • creating high expressive cheekbones

  • formation of a clear oval of the face

  • the formation of the “angle of youth” (cervical-chin angle).

  • correction of facial asymmetry, etc.

Benefits of a thread lift

Naturalness of the result. Correction using absorbable threads rejuvenates the face without changing its natural features. This effect is achieved due to the fact that soft tissues return to their place, characteristic of their position at a young age. After threadlifting, the patient looks like in his early photos. The result is instant – immediately after the correction, you can see how younger the face is. The contours acquire a clear outline, the eyebrows and corners of the mouth rise, the nasolabial folds are smoothed out, the “second” chin disappears. Not a single visible scar remains on the face.

No cuts. In the correction, only punctures are used, which are completely hidden in the hair growth zone.

The speed of the procedure. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Anesthesia is local in most cases.

Fast recovery. There are no extensive hematomas or long-term deformities

The price and risks are lower than with a classic facelift.

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